In the restaurants and pizzarie in Castelbuono they are only using local produce of vegetables and meat. And the seafood comes from the Thyrrenian sea north of Sicily. The goods are brought directly to the restaurants by the producer - goods fresh and egological.

Have lunch with me in my house

When you are visiting Castelbuono (or Sicily) it is possible having lunch in my house where I am cooking Sicilian food mixed with bit of my heritage from the Danish kitchen.

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Cycas Restaurant and Pizzaria - Bar

This lovely place is located in the heart of Castelbuono just a few minutes walking from Piazza Margherita - a few steps off the main street where the bar is just along side this street.
Inside the restaurant is a nice and hospital atmosphere and the food served is beautiful not expensive and there is plenty of it on the plaits. A good place to taste typical Sicilian produce made into excellent food.

Have a look on their web site for Cycas

Donjon Pub and Restaurant in Castelbuono

Along the street connecting Piazza Margherita and the castle you find this pub. It is a nice and friendly place with excellent food. It is open all day every day. The kitchen has a break though from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. but then you can have a snack from the snackbar: a panino or a pizza slice. You don't have to stay hungry!

The photo is from a beautiful post not distant from Castelbuono - only a couple of hours by foot - a nice walk in the forest. And by your return to the village you can have a nice meal in Donjon!

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Piano Farina in the natural park Parco delle Madonie

Piano Farina is a wonderful place to eat at 1400 m o.s.l.

At this panoramic spot you are haivng lots of samples of traditional Sicilian products from the locals. The proprietor is running the place with passion and great hospitality and visiters are not guests but are looked at as friends. It is a special experience to visit this place. At times they also make chesse in the place.

Price: around €20 per person

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Restaurant and pizzaria "Rua Ferra" in Via Roma in Castelbuono

In earlier times the street Via Roma was named Rua Ferra which now is the name of this fantastic and charming restaurant located in the historic centre of Castelbuono. The kitchen serves courses tipycal for this area. And the pizza is baked in a proper woodfired oven, of course! "Rua Ferra" is very well visited also by the locals. It is a very popular place to go for lunch as well as for dinner or a pizza.

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'Rifugio Francesco Crispi' in the mountains close to Castelbuono

In a glade in the forrest at Piano Sempria next to Piano Pomo with the giant holly-trees you find this refuge.

It is located on a spot most beautiful around 2 hours on foot from Castelbuono. Follow the path trough the forrest and the refuge will welcome you for the lunch.

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