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Parco delle Madonie

This is an area very particular – beyond anything else! There is a certain atmospfere but as we are in Sicily this is expected. Everything around Castelbuono is special. One senses the past and feels a touch of eternity. Castelbuono is located in ther park as well as the small villages Isnello, Petralia, Geraci, Pollina and Cefalù, where Cefalù is the biggest town and Castelbuono comes in as number two.

The natural park is covering around 80.000 acres and there are many spots with a breathtaking view – so beautiful it is not possible to describe; one has to make the experience oneself. There are peaks and steepish canyons where the eagles show up in their elegant way. On a beautiful day one can see the vulcano Etna and the smoke from the crater – and in an other direction the sea is visible. And you see the floras in an amazing varity – for example rare species of orchids, old giants of holly trees, clematis and juniper and other special sorts which vary accordingly to the level of height where the higest peak is almost 6200 feet over sea level.
Have a look for this for a particular spot:Piano Farina. Of fauna you might find wolves and wild boars. Goats, sheep and cows are around in the mountains and supply the milk for the produce of cheese made locally following old methods.

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Piano Farina
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