Agrigento and The Valley of the Temples

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Agrigento of today
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The temple of Concordia
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The temple of Heracles
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The temple of Zeus

The town Agrigento in the province also named Agrigento is facing the Mediterranean sea around 120 km (80 miles) south of Palermo. But the town is more known for "Valle dei Templi": The valley of the temples. Here one finds the remains of Greek temples made to honor the Greek gods. The most well conserved temple is the one for Concordia but one can also see the remains of the temples for Hera, Herkules and Zeus. The temple for Zeus though, was a project far to overwelming and was never finished but some of the gigantic columns are still visible.
In the year 1899 the Englishman Henry Adams has said that the valley of the temples was "an improved Athens".
The main occupation is tuorism where the tuorists mainly come for the temples. But after touring the valley with the temples one can relax in the historic centre of Agrigento with the medieval narrow streets. The surburbs of the town are unfortunately dominated by buildings in modern stile but do not overlook the centre for that reason.

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